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Put the fight against backlogs into the hands of local labs

State by state, progress continues in eliminating the backlog of untested sexual assault kits. With each milestone, probative power is tapped. Processing these kits means brand new leads, justice for victims, and exoneration for the innocent. But some states are catching up by outsourcing this work to third-party laboratories. Unfortunately,…

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2016 Highlights

2016 was a big year for InnoGenomics, with the commercial release of our DNA testing kits, InnoTyper 21 and InnoQuant HY, that enable forensic DNA laboratories to successfully analyze challenging biological samples. The announcement garnered exposure in GenomeWeb and other media outlets, while fruitful collaborations with prominent members of the…

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Happy New Year from InnoGenomics!

While 2016 had its share of highlights for us (see, we are most excited about what lies ahead. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our partners, colleagues, clients and friends. Your support and collaboration makes this journey more enjoyable and worthwhile. Cheers to an innovative…

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Diagnosing Cancer with a Blood Test

Mark Lewis, our digital gumbo expert, with Jonathan Tabak, the Vice President of Inno-Genomics Technologies, explains how a liquid biopsy could make a major impact on the way doctors diagnose cancer patients. Watch the full video here.  

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InnoGenomics Wins JEDCO Challenge

A company that is developing a blood test to detect and monitor cancer won the 2015 Jefferson Economic Development Commission Challenge and close to $80,000 in cash and business services that go with the top prize. Read full article here. 

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