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ISHI 2019 Preview: Challenging Genetic Samples & Next-Gen Technologies

The International Symposium on Human Identification is right around the corner. As the largest annual meeting focused on DNA forensics, ISHI is essential attendance for InnoGenomics staff. This year, we’re interested in hearing from the experts on the extraction of genetic material from mixtures and other challenging samples. We’re also eager for insights on how…
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Grant Amendments as a Tool for Making the Most of DNA Backlog Reduction Funds

Crime labs struggling with DNA analysis can apply for millions in federal assistance. Before receiving an award, it’s hard to imagine struggling to spend it. But some agencies find themselves with more leftover funding than expected—and an end to the grant period looming. In this case, a retroactive amendment may help in achieving goals. The…
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Mentoring: A Key Ingredient for Success Outside of Major Biotech Centers

Raising capital for a startup is a major undertaking—especially in the highly regulated, capital-intensive field of diagnostics. The challenge is multiplied for startups based far outside of major centers of biomedical innovation. But there’s good news for New Orleans: a mentor with expertise, experience, and an open door can make a huge difference. Dr. Sudhir…
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