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Mentoring: A Key Ingredient for Success Outside of Major Biotech Centers

Raising capital for a startup is a major undertaking—especially in the highly regulated, capital-intensive field of diagnostics. The challenge is multiplied for startups based far outside of major centers of biomedical innovation. But there’s good news for New Orleans: a mentor with expertise, experience, and an open door can make a huge difference. Dr. Sudhir…
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Lab Solutions Part of Answer for Delay in Justice for Sexual Assault

The backlog of rape kits awaiting DNA analysis continues to make headlines. And the stories often focus on the numbers, especially the shockingly large volume of untested kits. But as forensics professionals, we must always stay conscious of the fact that each of those untested samples represents a person—someone who experienced a life-altering trauma. Many…
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International Team Finds INNULs Tool Overcomes STR Limitations for Degraded Samples

DNA forensics labs have long struggled to analyze highly compromised evidence using short tandem repeat (STR) loci. Retrotransposable element insertion polymorphisms, or INNULs, have shown promise as an alternative for these specific sample types. But INNULs analysis raised its own challenges that, until now, prevented its application as a multiplexed marker system. A new study…
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